Importance of A Property Site Visit in Chennai

Is a Property Site Visit really necessary?

Looking for a home online is so much easier and fun these days. We can all agree that the Internet has truly revolutionized the way we look for new homes, yes?

Long a case of visiting home after home on the street and making a decision, the Internet saves a lot of time by –

  • letting you find a home from the best curated lists
  • viewing their complete environment, the rooms, kitchen, etc.
  • being able to see picture galleries, videos and walkthroughs of the interiors

Especially for NRIs who cannot make sudden trips back home in Chennai, and since all home information including pictures and floor plans are available online, property site visits are a thing of the past, right?


Rather than sorting through pages and pages of millions of real estate listings on the big portals, nothing comes close to experiencing a full service brokerage model, with an experienced real estate agent having decades of industry experience who can understand your unique needs, and will work with you and your busy schedule to deliver a customized home buying service far beyond just the registration and sale of your property.

Despite advice on the contrary, this kind of service will be more than worth the brokerage fees you pay and will pay you returns many times over, in terms of the best property for you, price, and peace of mind during a complex transaction like real estate.

That’s awesome right?

So, when you’re looking to buy a property in Chennai, you can simply click through the already curated selection of best properties on our website to find your dream luxurious home.

But it is not enough to simply take a look at the pictures of the home online before making your purchase.

Looking Online v/s In-Person Property Site visit

Combining the convenience of the online world with an in-person property site visit to your dream home can help you make just the right choice.

Of course, the ideal way to make this all work is to:

before you even start looking at any homes on the market.

Find your way with online home listings

What do you need in a home?

And how much money would it take to get what is right for you?

Your idea of what you need in a home is usually vague right about the time you begin your search.

While you might have certain preferences and a rough idea of what the home should look like, your search for the perfect home needs to be clear cut on what MUST be available, what COULD be available, and what you DO NOT need at all.

Quality home listings online can help you refine your tastes, while at the same time giving you an idea of what it takes budget-wise to get a home that matches your preferences.

With this in mind, you can begin narrowing down your list of homes to see.

While the Internet is a great place to search for a home, it is still important that you take a close look at your options in person.

The In-Person Property Site Visit is a must

It is the duty of a seller to properly convince you that you need the product they sell. This is what happens with a property listing as well.

A property listing is an awesome way to help you identify great properties to purchase, but a physical property site visit can help you tell whatever flaws the pictures in a listing might have missed, approach and neighborhood, and which final 2-3 homes you want to make an offer on.

When you are done surfing the Internet for real estate websites in Chennai to search for homes, it is important that you visit these homes with a trusted realtor. This will help you get a true feel of the home. Ask yourself questions like:

  • How are the utility systems, furnishings and specifications?
  • Are the sizes you saw online the actual sizes or have they been magnified somehow?
  • How does the home flow from one room (or part) to the next? and are you okay with it?
  • How about the neighborhood? Are there constant loud noise pollution or security disturbance?

These are some aspects of a home that just cannot be found online.

A realtor on your side can greatly help you in identifying potential flaws and positives based on your needs. When you do eventually narrow down your list of homes to check out in a property site visit, you can now take the time with your agent to go see these homes together.

A personal property site visit can give you a more accurate feel and impression of the home and its surrounding environment.

We hope this article helped you understand the importance of Site Visits.

If you are ready to buy a luxury home in Chennai, and want to move in soon, contact us today. We’ll be happy to set you up with shortlisted homes that suit your style, budget, timeframe, etc. and schedule personalized site visits by appointment to get the process started!

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