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Houses in Chennai with the Best Features & Amenities – Part 2

Are you looking for Homes in Chennai with the Best features?

Houses in Chennai today have a plethora of amenities that have become all too common – swimming pools, rooftop barbeques, jogging tracks, parks, yoga centers, salons, etc. – but when you’re investing your hard earned money in a property, just one of the above cannot be a feature of paramount significance. You cannot afford to ignore the rest of the must have features/amenities in favour of another amenity – like a beautiful infinity pool and not power backup, for example.

At Chennai Dream Homes™, we are always striving to make it easier for you to explore, search and find the best home for YOU, based on YOUR personality, lifestyle and even budget-friendliness (र र र) – with a combination of the best features that YOU need. Undoubtedly, this priority list will vary from person to person, and it is upto YOU to figure out what is most important when buying a house, and which ones are just nice-to-haves or totally unnecessary.

We’ve already covered the top 25 list of features you should look for in Part 1 f this article. Let’s continue our list of 10 more attributes for the very best features and amenities you can get in Chennai, currently listed on, so you don’t have to worry about anything when exploring your dream home.

Homes In Chennai With The Best Features/Amenities

16. Homes in Chennai with Direct Sea View (र र र)

direct sea view homes villas apartment property chennai

17. Homes in Chennai with Study Room or Home Office (र र)

homes with study home office room chennai

18. Properties which are Fully Furnished with Furniture+White Goods (र र र)

fully furnished homes property chennai

19. Properties in Chennai under Construction (र)

properties under construction chennai

20. Chennai Properties inside a Large Township (र)

township properties chennai

21. Homes in Chennai with Lots of Landscaping/Greenery (र)

homes with landscaping gardens green chennai

23. Chennai Properties with No Brokerage Payable (र र)

no brokerage properties chennai

24. Homes in Chennai with Excellent Connectivity to city centre (र र)

homes property good connectivity chennai

25. Properties in Chennai at Pre-launch Stage (र)

pre launch properties apartment chennai

Note: This number will constantly change as we list new homes and current listings get sold)

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