Do I have to pay Brokerage or any Fees?

Do I have to pay Brokerage or any Fees?

Any service that provides value in the form of time savings, cost savings or convenience has a price attached to it.

We believe that our end to end brokerage service based on a commission pricing model, is a valuable convenience for today’s busy customer. The pricing is tied to the services we render while representing our clients in a transaction.

This way, we are much more vested in your success than a national property portal that simply tries to match demand and supply, wthout any hand holding or local market expertise that is so required in a complex deal like real estate. We take great pains to customize our services to the unique needs of each client.

When it comes to such a big decision, it is recommended to use a professional who can hand hold you through the transaction, and save you large sums through negotiations, instead of going it on your own and likely losing your mind and hard earned money.


Always be careful not to lose out on great deals, while trying to save a little money as it may cost you dearly. Read more on our Pricing here.

For properties on our website that are tagged as ‘No Brokerage payable’, you do not have to pay any fees!

This is the reason our clients refer us to new potential customers and love working with us. It’s more like a warm friendship than cold sales. Read our Testimonials to see past client’s experiences.

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